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"A statesperson should learn that when you RECEIVE the power (because you receive it, you don't simply take it, because we are in a democracy after i you sould use that power in the interest of the people not in your own interest. a} i ‘ ii- .I THEN there would be no need to fight with justice system, but use the power you received ‘ to do good to people in general and not to your own people." ~ Dacian Ciolo$ ....... . https://inspirational.ly

"A Statesperson Should Learn That When You RECEIVE The Power (because You Receive It, You Don't Simply Take It, Because We Are In A Democracy After I You Sould Use That Power In The Interest Of The People Not In Your Own Interest. A} I ‘ Ii- .I THEN There Would Be No Need To Fight With Justice System, But Use The Power You Received ‘ To Do Good To People In General And Not To Your Own People." ~ Dacian Ciolo$ ....... .