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r -t‘ on! . “"‘-".>-’;‘ .3 Al)! ll Lblb C2: zonal.) When you want to exercise, but you just can't find the motivation or procrastinate, use this technique. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it in for 4, breathe out through your mouth for 4. Repeat 4 times. Then ask yourself, "Why am I not exercising" You then give the answer you've previously discovered "I'm being lazy" followed by "not anymore". So you've identified the problem and rewired your thoughts to the change toward the solution. You follow this by a combination of visualization and verbal thoughts. Goes like this (picture everything while you do this) "If I don't exercise, I will become fat and unhealthy. If I do it, I will be healthier and happier." (again this part entirely depends on the subject matter) I find that repeating it 3 times helps, but it also works when you just do it once. Finally, close it out by repeating the segment from "why am | not doing X" to "not anymore" one more time. Not anymore is a strong finisher and then go off to do what you need to do. - MMQQQIDQSQELQ! https://inspirational.ly

R -t‘ On! . “"‘-".>-’;‘ .3 Al)! Ll Lblb C2: Zonal.) When You Want To Exercise, But You Just Can't Find The Motivation Or Procrastinate, Use This Technique. Breathe In Through Your Nose For 4 Seconds, Hold It In For 4, Breathe Out Through Your Mouth For 4. Repeat 4 Times. Then Ask Yourself, "Why Am I Not Exercising" You Then Give The Answer You've Previously Discovered "I'm Being Lazy" Followed By "not Anymore". So You've Identified The Problem And Rewired Your Thoughts To The Change Toward The Solution. You Follow This By A Combination Of Visualization And Verbal Thoughts. Goes Like This (picture Everything While You Do This) "If I Don't Exercise, I Will Become Fat And Unhealthy. If I Do It, I Will Be Healthier And Happier." (again This Part Entirely Depends On The Subject Matter) I Find That Repeating It 3 Times Helps, But It Also Works When You Just Do It Once. Finally, Close It Out By Repeating The Segment From "why Am | Not Doing X" To "not Anymore" One More Time. Not Anymore Is A Strong Finisher And Then Go Off To Do What You Need To Do. - MMQQQIDQSQELQ!