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HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVEW m MIND TECH CLOTHES FOOD Tune outthe news. Nothing important happens, most at the time. Eliminate trivial decisions, Eire Limit email replies to one per minute. Focus on the important, ll Y0" can't undemnd Notice the ”PPM: fl” “9°” Start ’ldea Dump’ Do not answer Wl‘fi' ‘m “m“ “l“: HACKS 80/20 rule. book tor genius ideas the phone, unless don l answer. BODY SCHEDULE Which 20% of work you can't work on now. it's a true emergency. produces 80% of result? (Emergencies are rare.) Define your Fashion uniform. Wear it daily. G“ 6°“er Learn to to save time. . . Ignore. Visualize No need to respond to . everything. Negotiate a daily deal with your trusted cote. Carry an all-occasion outfit with you. Discard 1°:NW3L'9: No meetings Do a bad What YOU Start betore . unless they are first draft. od‘ dOP using. If u have a mind block, 7°” l°°l Md)? decisive. ou can l 'l m2; a mind map. avoid chickencndvegg. Treat time a blank Page. Assume you are as your money. right, when in doubt. Decisive is productive. ll Y°° 00"" Take naps when ”w" W- write it down When you read energy runs low. & record it, something help“, Wm III. Funders and Founders to the author. https://inspirational.ly

HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVEW M MIND TECH CLOTHES FOOD Tune Outthe News. Nothing Important Happens, Most At The Time. Eliminate Trivial Decisions, Eire Limit Email Replies To One Per Minute. Focus On The Important, Ll Y0" Can't Undemnd Notice The ”PPM: Fl” “9°” Start ’ldea Dump’ Do Not Answer Wl‘fi' ‘m “m“ “l“: HACKS 80/20 Rule. Book Tor Genius Ideas The Phone, Unless Don L Answer. BODY SCHEDULE Which 20% Of Work You Can't Work On Now. It's A True Emergency. Produces 80% Of Result? (Emergencies Are Rare.) Define Your Fashion Uniform. Wear It Daily. G“ 6°“er Learn To To Save Time. . . Ignore. Visualize No Need To Respond To . Everything. Negotiate A Daily Deal With Your Trusted Cote. Carry An All-occasion Outfit With You. Discard 1°:NW3L'9: No Meetings Do A Bad What YOU Start Betore . Unless They Are first Draft. Od‘ DOP Using. If U Have A Mind Block, 7°” L°°l Md)? Decisive. Ou Can L 'l M2; A Mind Map. Avoid Chickencndvegg. Treat Time A Blank Page. Assume You Are As Your Money. Right, When In Doubt. Decisive Is Productive. Ll Y°° 00"" Take Naps When ”w" W- Write It Down When You Read Energy Runs Low. & Record It, Something Help“, Wm III. Funders And Founders To The Author.