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‘1 Everything that the great ones have warned against is like poisoned honey. I say don't taste it. You may argue, llBut it's sweet.” Well my reasoning is ’ that after you have tasted the sweetness ” it will destroy you. Evil was made sweet a to delude you. You have to use your f'fi- discrimination to distinguish between . poisoned honey and that which is in your best interest. Avoid those things that will ultimately hurt you and choose those that will give you freedom and happiness. https://inspirational.ly

‘1 Everything That The Great Ones Have Warned Against Is Like Poisoned Honey. I Say Don't Taste It. You May Argue, LlBut It's Sweet.” Well My Reasoning Is ’ That After You Have Tasted The Sweetness ” It Will Destroy You. Evil Was Made Sweet A To Delude You. You Have To Use Your F'fi- Discrimination To Distinguish Between . Poisoned Honey And That Which Is In Your Best Interest. Avoid Those Things That Will Ultimately Hurt You And Choose Those That Will Give You Freedom And Happiness.