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I don’t like ass kissers. flag wavers or team players. I like people who buck the system. Indiv-iduahsts.1 ofien wan} people: "Somewhere along-the way, someone 15 gomg to tell you. ‘There 15 no "I"’1n 5“; - u .' What you should tell them is. ‘Maybe not. {mutthele is an "I" iii independence. individuality 'S'_9dmt‘egr1ty."' AVOld teams at all cost. Keep your tcle small. Never join a group that has a name. If say, "We're the Sofaiid-'Sos." take a_ walk. And v “omehow. you 111 130111. if 1t's unavmdable. such- = *2 union or a .tr'a ;"‘Ociation. go ahead and join. -' Eut dOfi't pamei ‘ :11 Wlll be your death. And if . ey tell you genre not a team player. congr late t. t em on being observant.“ — https://inspirational.ly

I Don’t Like Ass Kissers. Flag Wavers Or Team Players. I Like People Who Buck The System. Indiv-iduahsts.1 Ofien Wan} People: "Somewhere Along-the Way, Someone 15 Gomg To Tell You. ‘There 15 No "I"’1n 5“; - U .' What You Should Tell Them Is. ‘Maybe Not. {mutthele Is An "I" Iii Independence. Individuality 'S'_9dmt‘egr1ty."' AVOld Teams At All Cost. Keep Your Tcle Small. Never Join A Group That Has A Name. If Say, "We're The Sofaiid-'Sos." Take A_ Walk. And V “omehow. You 111 130111. If 1t's Unavmdable. Such- = *2 Union Or A .tr'a ;"‘Ociation. Go Ahead And Join. -' Eut DOfi't Pamei ‘ :11 Wlll Be Your Death. And If . Ey Tell You Genre Not A Team Player. Congr Late T. T Em On Being Observant.“ —