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l()ltl‘_‘(‘(f'(l.(’(Jl)).(l(l “lf 1 think I am very beautiful and you tell me I am not, which may be a fact, do I like it? lf 1 think I am very intelligent, very clever, and you point out that 1 am actually a rather silly person, it is very unpalatable to me. And your pointing out my stupidity gives you a sense of pleasure, does it not? 1 t flatters your vanity, it shows you how clever you are. But you do not want to look at your own stupidity; you want to run away from what you are, you want to hide from yourself, you want to cover up your own emptiness, your own loneliness. So you seek out friends who never tell you what you are. You want to show others what they are; but when others show you what you are, you do not like it. You avoid that which exposes your own inner nature.” — / Krishnamurti https://inspirational.ly

L()ltl‘_‘(‘(f'(l.(’(Jl)).(l(l “lf 1 Think I Am Very Beautiful And You Tell Me I Am Not, Which May Be A Fact, Do I Like It? Lf 1 Think I Am Very Intelligent, Very Clever, And You Point Out That 1 Am Actually A Rather Silly Person, It Is Very Unpalatable To Me. And Your Pointing Out My Stupidity Gives You A Sense Of Pleasure, Does It Not? 1 T Flatters Your Vanity, It Shows You How Clever You Are. But You Do Not Want To Look At Your Own Stupidity; You Want To Run Away From What You Are, You Want To Hide From Yourself, You Want To Cover Up Your Own Emptiness, Your Own Loneliness. So You Seek Out Friends Who Never Tell You What You Are. You Want To Show Others What They Are; But When Others Show You What You Are, You Do Not Like It. You Avoid That Which Exposes Your Own Inner Nature.” — / Krishnamurti