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O gypsykinglOl - cyan! LIN: ‘IUI ILI Lat" dydlllbl HIE. a while back now I was knocked down and was as low as many man can go, struggled with many problems. butI persevered. and Igot up. last night I was in there to show others who have been knocked down and in a similar position that if we stay strong keep faith we can get up and come back. I was knocked down last night, and if at any moment you thought I wasn t getting up you don‘t know me. And for those who have been knocked down in life that was for you! V QQLTJ 518,209 likes l1 https://inspirational.ly

O GypsykinglOl - Cyan! LIN: ‘IUI ILI Lat" Dydlllbl HIE. A While Back Now I Was Knocked Down And Was As Low As Many Man Can Go, Struggled With Many Problems. ButI Persevered. And Igot Up. Last Night I Was In There To Show Others Who Have Been Knocked Down And In A Similar Position That If We Stay Strong Keep Faith We Can Get Up And Come Back. I Was Knocked Down Last Night, And If At Any Moment You Thought I Wasn T Getting Up You Don‘t Know Me. And For Those Who Have Been Knocked Down In Life That Was For You! V QQLTJ 518,209 Likes L1