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Sleep Proper rest allows your body to reset. Sleep well and wake up early. Self-Educate Learn something new every day. Learn for the sake of learning. Stay Healthy Eat clean, workout and look after yourself. Mental health is as important as physical health. Work Never compare yourself to anyone else, only your past self. Work hard and don't procrastinate. Be Mindful Don't let yourself be defined by your emotions. Break down your feelings, understand them and learn from them. Think of the bigger scope You're in this for the long run, the problems of today will fade. Keep focused on what really matters. Branch out Meet as many new people as possible. Analysis paralysis is all in your head, get out of your comfort zone. Relax Things will work out in the end and getting too involved in the problem can make things worse. Relax, breathe and slow down. Love yourself You aren't perfect and that's why this list exists. But you are your own ally, not your worst enemy. Relish in the process of growth and accept who you are without settling. Commit You are going to be the result of your own hard work. Don't settle for anything but the best you can be. You can't force these things with sheer willpower. Embedding these ideas into routine and working them into your patterns is the only way to move forward. Failure is okay and expected, and slowly chugging forward is the only option. https://inspirational.ly

Sleep Proper Rest Allows Your Body To Reset. Sleep Well And Wake Up Early. Self-Educate Learn Something New Every Day. Learn For The Sake Of Learning. Stay Healthy Eat Clean, Workout And Look After Yourself. Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health. Work Never Compare Yourself To Anyone Else, Only Your Past Self. Work Hard And Don't Procrastinate. Be Mindful Don't Let Yourself Be Defined By Your Emotions. Break Down Your Feelings, Understand Them And Learn From Them. Think Of The Bigger Scope You're In This For The Long Run, The Problems Of Today Will Fade. Keep Focused On What Really Matters. Branch Out Meet As Many New People As Possible. Analysis Paralysis Is All In Your Head, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Relax Things Will Work Out In The End And Getting Too Involved In The Problem Can Make Things Worse. Relax, Breathe And Slow Down. Love Yourself You Aren't Perfect And That's Why This List Exists. But You Are Your Own Ally, Not Your Worst Enemy. Relish In The Process Of Growth And Accept Who You Are Without Settling. Commit You Are Going To Be The Result Of Your Own Hard Work. Don't Settle For Anything But The Best You Can Be. You Can't Force These Things With Sheer Willpower. Embedding These Ideas Into Routine And Working Them Into Your Patterns Is The Only Way To Move Forward. Failure Is Okay And Expected, And Slowly Chugging Forward Is The Only Option.