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but yesterday i was crying my eyes out and today i can't stop smiling life is funny that way one day death seems like the only option and the next life seems like the greatest thing you just gotta hang in there cause you're gonna have days that you only cry and days that you rather be dead but every once in awhile they'll be days when all you do is smile you're laugh will be so rhythmic and the thought of living excites you believe me when I say you will find happiness believe me when I say life goes on and up and downs are normal you just gotta keep pushing because there is so much more https://inspirational.ly

But Yesterday I Was Crying My Eyes Out And Today I Can't Stop Smiling Life Is Funny That Way One Day Death Seems Like The Only Option And The Next Life Seems Like The Greatest Thing You Just Gotta Hang In There Cause You're Gonna Have Days That You Only Cry And Days That You Rather Be Dead But Every Once In Awhile They'll Be Days When All You Do Is Smile You're Laugh Will Be So Rhythmic And The Thought Of Living Excites You Believe Me When I Say You Will find Happiness Believe Me When I Say Life Goes On And Up And Downs Are Normal You Just Gotta Keep Pushing Because There Is So Much More