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That I am a worthl And nothing you s I still deserve love Because no matter what I am not good enough to be loved And I am in no position to believe that . Beauty does exist within me " Because whenever I Am I as ugly as people say? ess, terrible person ay will make me believe look in the mirror I always thinlt .c' ..‘>‘ _-, ‘3" .- ‘ ‘  IV}? . , t .. .,.-fl" 1‘ . (Now read bottom up) https://inspirational.ly

That I Am A Worthl And Nothing You S I Still Deserve Love Because No Matter What I Am Not Good Enough To Be Loved And I Am In No Position To Believe That . Beauty Does Exist Within Me " Because Whenever I Am I As Ugly As People Say? Ess, Terrible Person Ay Will Make Me Believe Look In The Mirror I Always Thinlt .c' ..‘>‘ _-, ‘3" .- ‘ ‘ IV}? . , T .. .,.-fl" 1‘ . (Now Read Bottom Up)