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Chatéri Payne ‘" November 16, 2018 - 6 Long Days. Aching Nights. But I decided to stand tall on my dream. Main lesson taught was to never lose sight of who you are and where you come from. The main thing is to build on who you are and to become an influential and better person for those whom may surround me or I may encounter. My personal mission is to become that positive influence. To Protect those who can’t protect themselves & to at least try to push someone to being a better version of themselves! I’ve never claimed to be perfect, but I am taking this step and becoming a better version of myself by knowing that it is always something bigger than MYSELF 2‘ It is an honor to be able to join such a powerful family with my Brothers and Sisters in Blue . May the journey begin .1“; #SPD79 https://inspirational.ly

Chatéri Payne ‘" November 16, 2018 - 6 Long Days. Aching Nights. But I Decided To Stand Tall On My Dream. Main Lesson Taught Was To Never Lose Sight Of Who You Are And Where You Come From. The Main Thing Is To Build On Who You Are And To Become An Influential And Better Person For Those Whom May Surround Me Or I May Encounter. My Personal Mission Is To Become That Positive Influence. To Protect Those Who Can’t Protect Themselves & To At Least Try To Push Someone To Being A Better Version Of Themselves! I’ve Never Claimed To Be Perfect, But I Am Taking This Step And Becoming A Better Version Of Myself By Knowing That It Is Always Something Bigger Than MYSELF 2‘ It Is An Honor To Be Able To Join Such A Powerful Family With My Brothers And Sisters In Blue . May The Journey Begin .1“; #SPD79