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H d' Ah d @haa'rgdiEahmge V 21 years ago my mother gave birth to me while she was escaping from a civil war. I spend the first 7 years of my life in a refugee camp. My parents sacrificed so much for their kids.They moved to the USA with $0 Today, I became the first person to graduate college in my family. 12:23 pm - 11 May 2019 https://inspirational.ly

H D' Ah D @haa'rgdiEahmge V 21 Years Ago My Mother Gave Birth To Me While She Was Escaping From A Civil War. I Spend The First 7 Years Of My Life In A Refugee Camp. My Parents Sacrificed So Much For Their Kids.They Moved To The USA With $0 Today, I Became The First Person To Graduate College In My Family. 12:23 Pm - 11 May 2019