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01:14 ’00 9‘4 48%. serious O £1 5 ~ ill Dreams are here to let you determine objectives, baby steps, to be a little closer everytime. Sometimes people do not achieve their dreams at all. But that's fine as well, you got to be closer to your dreams, to see them better, to understand what they are made of and why they are here. In being closer to your dreams, you are being successful. It's about the end, but it's about the journey as well, both matters. And yes you can achieve great things. You just gotta be persistent. | wish I could be a national bouldering champ' And I'm here, climbing 7b where the son of my father's associate, Alexandre Tribout, is a EU champ and travelling non stop ‘ Anteron But that's fine. I'm climbing 7a and I got to be happy with it | wish to be the greatest developer or all time But there is people with more experience and knowledge than me, and there is John Carmack But that's fine, I'm developing things I enjoy programming and I got to be happy with it | wish for a family, my family Idon't know how it will look like, when it will happen and where ‘ Anteron And in the meantime I get to enjoy time alone. And to hate time lonely But that's fine, I know that day after day I'm shaping my future me, who will find what he desires to have in his life. ‘ Anteron You get to find everything you like and love when you try. + 69 https://inspirational.ly

01:14 ’00 9‘4 48%. Serious O £1 5 ~ Ill Dreams Are Here To Let You Determine Objectives, Baby Steps, To Be A Little Closer Everytime. Sometimes People Do Not Achieve Their Dreams At All. But That's Fine As Well, You Got To Be Closer To Your Dreams, To See Them Better, To Understand What They Are Made Of And Why They Are Here. In Being Closer To Your Dreams, You Are Being Successful. It's About The End, But It's About The Journey As Well, Both Matters. And Yes You Can Achieve Great Things. You Just Gotta Be Persistent. | Wish I Could Be A National Bouldering Champ' And I'm Here, Climbing 7b Where The Son Of My Father's Associate, Alexandre Tribout, Is A EU Champ And Travelling Non Stop ‘ Anteron But That's Fine. I'm Climbing 7a And I Got To Be Happy With It | Wish To Be The Greatest Developer Or All Time But There Is People With More Experience And Knowledge Than Me, And There Is John Carmack But That's Fine, I'm Developing Things I Enjoy Programming And I Got To Be Happy With It | Wish For A Family, My Family Idon't Know How It Will Look Like, When It Will Happen And Where ‘ Anteron And In The Meantime I Get To Enjoy Time Alone. And To Hate Time Lonely But That's Fine, I Know That Day After Day I'm Shaping My Future Me, Who Will Find What He Desires To Have In His Life. ‘ Anteron You Get To Find Everything You Like And Love When You Try. + 69