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x.valentine Barneys New York, Madison Avenue Xi’} Liked by maxpapendieck and 5,726 others x.valentine Here’s a quick reminder: | used to open doors for people till I realized I could open doors for myself. When opportunity knocks; you answer. Stable income keeps you from fulfilling your dreams & I've decided to take that risk. I was depressed at that door but I kept a smile on my face because I knew this was an obstacle I had to overcome to get to where I am today. When I took that leap of faith it was the scariest but necessary. Im not where I want to be but I thank God every day for showing me anything is possible. The word impossible turned into I’m- Possible. How bad do you want it? https://inspirational.ly

X.valentine Barneys New York, Madison Avenue Xi’} Liked By Maxpapendieck And 5,726 Others X.valentine Here’s A Quick Reminder: | Used To Open Doors For People Till I Realized I Could Open Doors For Myself. When Opportunity Knocks; You Answer. Stable Income Keeps You From Fulfilling Your Dreams & I've Decided To Take That Risk. I Was Depressed At That Door But I Kept A Smile On My Face Because I Knew This Was An Obstacle I Had To Overcome To Get To Where I Am Today. When I Took That Leap Of Faith It Was The Scariest But Necessary. Im Not Where I Want To Be But I Thank God Every Day For Showing Me Anything Is Possible. The Word Impossible Turned Into I’m- Possible. How Bad Do You Want It?