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Words Are Windows (or They’re Walls) I feel so sentenced by your words, I feel so judged and sent away, Before I go I ’ve got to know, Is that what you mean to say? Before I rise to my defense, Before I speak in hurt or fear, Before I build that wall of words, Tell me, did I really hear? Words are windows, or they’re walls, They sentence us, or set us free. When I speak and when I hear, Let the love light shine through me. There are things I need to say, Things that mean so much to me, If my words don’t make me clear, Will you help me to be free? If I seemed to put you down, If you felt I didn’t care, Try to listen through my words, To the feelings that we share. —Ruth Bebermeyer https://inspirational.ly

Words Are Windows (or They’re Walls) I Feel So Sentenced By Your Words, I Feel So Judged And Sent Away, Before I Go I ’ve Got To Know, Is That What You Mean To Say? Before I Rise To My Defense, Before I Speak In Hurt Or Fear, Before I Build That Wall Of Words, Tell Me, Did I Really Hear? Words Are Windows, Or They’re Walls, They Sentence Us, Or Set Us Free. When I Speak And When I Hear, Let The Love Light Shine Through Me. There Are Things I Need To Say, Things That Mean So Much To Me, If My Words Don’t Make Me Clear, Will You Help Me To Be Free? If I Seemed To Put You Down, If You Felt I Didn’t Care, Try To Listen Through My Words, To The Feelings That We Share. —Ruth Bebermeyer