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.‘ Human brian is still evolving, says scientist THE human brain is , still evolving, scien- ' tists said today. Researchersy at the University of Chicago have identified two genes linked to brain L size which are rapidly evolvimz in humans- man evolution — the growth of brain size and oomflexity- likely stil filing” on.is “Meanw environment and the skills we need to sum- https://inspirational.ly

.‘ Human Brian Is Still Evolving, Says Scientist THE Human Brain Is , Still Evolving, Scien- ' Tists Said Today. Researchersy At The University Of Chicago Have Identified Two Genes Linked To Brain L Size Which Are Rapidly Evolvimz In Humans- Man Evolution — The Growth Of Brain Size And Oomflexity- Likely Stil filing” On.is “Meanw Environment And The Skills We Need To Sum-