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" - .1 v ,/ _. I” .. - :2 If you stop building your self-esteem around how smart, wise, wealthy, healthy, and kind people perceive you to be and build it instead around how hard you work every day to be smarter, wiser, healthier, wealthier, and kinder, you will be emotionally invincible and your progress will become unstoppable. https://inspirational.ly

" - .1 V ,/ _. I” .. - :2 If You Stop Building Your Self-esteem Around How Smart, Wise, Wealthy, Healthy, And Kind People Perceive You To Be And Build It Instead Around How Hard You Work Every Day To Be Smarter, Wiser, Healthier, Wealthier, And Kinder, You Will Be Emotionally Invincible And Your Progress Will Become Unstoppable.