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“Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80- to 100- hour weeks every week fI'his] are putting in 40-hour workweeks and you’re putting in 100-hour workweeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve.” - Elon Musk, July 14, 2015 https://inspirational.ly

“Work Like Hell. I Mean You Just Have To Put In 80- To 100- Hour Weeks Every Week FI'his] Are Putting In 40-hour Workweeks And You’re Putting In 100-hour Workweeks, Then Even If You’re Doing The Same Thing, You Know That You Will Achieve In Four Months What It Takes Them A Year To Achieve.” - Elon Musk, July 14, 2015