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At one point I was an unpopular mentally ill unemployed drug addict suspected of having ties to Somali terrorists by the ATF. 5 years later and I’m an unpopular mentally ill sober menial laborer who was recently awarded e mployee of the month at a grocery store. You can't change everything, but some things can be changed. I'm still unpopular, mentally ill, and probably still monitored for terrorist activity, butthat doesn’t discredit the fact that I also sob‘ere'd up and become employee of the month. successful, butjust because you are ‘ mm doesn’t mean you should give - "ills can be less of a failure in the future ' "5'3 . put forth an effort. https://inspirational.ly

At One Point I Was An Unpopular Mentally Ill Unemployed Drug Addict Suspected Of Having Ties To Somali Terrorists By The ATF. 5 Years Later And I’m An Unpopular Mentally Ill Sober Menial Laborer Who Was Recently Awarded E Mployee Of The Month At A Grocery Store. You Can't Change Everything, But Some Things Can Be Changed. I'm Still Unpopular, Mentally Ill, And Probably Still Monitored For Terrorist Activity, Butthat Doesn’t Discredit The Fact That I Also Sob‘ere'd Up And Become Employee Of The Month. Successful, Butjust Because You Are ‘ Mm Doesn’t Mean You Should Give - "ills Can Be Less Of A Failure In The Future ' "5'3 . Put Forth An Effort.