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Alija lzetbegovié : former President of Bosnia and Herzegovina “ Justice is one of those few things that need no proof. To prove the need for justice and fairness is either superfluous for those who have a heart or useless for those who do not. The very question why there is a need to be just shows that any conversation and any explanation are pointless.” Alija Izetbegovié, Notes from Prison 1983-1988 <5“:— @fatimaka rimms https://inspirational.ly

Alija Lzetbegovié : Former President Of Bosnia And Herzegovina “ Justice Is One Of Those Few Things That Need No Proof. To Prove The Need For Justice And Fairness Is Either Superfluous For Those Who Have A Heart Or Useless For Those Who Do Not. The Very Question Why There Is A Need To Be Just Shows That Any Conversation And Any Explanation Are Pointless.” Alija Izetbegovié, Notes From Prison 1983-1988 <5“:— @fatimaka Rimms