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'§ Never allow yourself to hate a people because of the actions of a few. Hatred andbigotry destroyed my nation, and millions died. I would hope that most people did not hate Germans because of the Nazis, or Americans because of slaves. Never hate, it only eats you alive. Keep an open mind a:nd always look for the good in' people. You may be surprised at what you find. -- Erich Hartmann, WWII Luftwaffe Ace _ https://inspirational.ly

'§ Never Allow Yourself To Hate A People Because Of The Actions Of A Few. Hatred Andbigotry Destroyed My Nation, And Millions Died. I Would Hope That Most People Did Not Hate Germans Because Of The Nazis, Or Americans Because Of Slaves. Never Hate, It Only Eats You Alive. Keep An Open Mind A:nd Always Look For The Good In' People. You May Be Surprised At What You Find. -- Erich Hartmann, WWII Luftwaffe Ace _